Tuesday, July 24, 2012

om.2009.30.Norman Sherfield

'Jack of Fluxus'  - 2007

4x3 inches - Plastic box with found objects
(from the White on White Exhibition)
Fluxhibition #3

OM.2009.29 - Liz Yates - U.K.


Posession  - 2009
Liz Yates - U.K.
shadow box assemblage - 3x3 inches 
Fluxhibition #3

OM.2009.28 - Stephanie Forsyth - Australia

A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush - 2009
Stephanie Forsyth - Australia

box assemblage
Fluxhibition #3

OM.2009.27 - Caroline Waite - Louisville, Kentucky



Caroline Waite - Louisville, KentuckyAltered Cigar Box with the lid made into a stage upon it is a plastic ballerina figurine surrounded by doll arms, in the background three swans above them a line of doll eyeballs (stage lights) that open and close. Attached to the top of the stage is an ornate facade the the whole stage lined with gold colored filigree.

sent for Fluxhibition #3

OM.2009.26 - Michelle N. Ary - Los Angeles, CA USA

The Essence of Life Kit
Michelle N. Ary - Los Angeles, CA USA
wood box, pencil/charcoal sketches done by the artist, piece of distressed wood found on a bench, cancles, turquoise beads, garnet beads, fresh water pearl beads, abalone bead, guage cover, burnt out vacuum tube, vine, three viles, nails, black lentils, bailing wire, handmade paper.
Fluxhibition #3

OM.2009.25 - Erica James - Houston, Texas

"Can You See What I See?"
Erica James - Houston, Texas
wooden box with printed paper attached to the interior.
2x2x3 inches
Fluxhibition #3

OM.2009.24 - Clint Chadsey - Melrose, Mass.

Clint Chadsey - Melrose, Mass.
wooden box with vintage photograph and various found objects 
including keyboard keys spelling the word: Guess
sent for Fluxhibition #3 - Thinking Inside of the Box

OM.2009.023 - Nancy Keeling Cypress, Texas

Nancy Keeling - Cypress, Texas
Cigar box with found objects some of them spelling the word 'behave' on the lid
Fluxhibition #3

O.2009.22 - Robert Tucker Rancho Mirage, California

Boxed Division 2009
Robert Tucker
Rancho Mirage, California
Fluxhibition #3

OM.2009.021 - Dilar Pereira - Lisbon, Portugal

Cage Box – Homage to John Cage Dilar Pereira  - Lisbon, Portugal
Small black card box with a mirror and a black card inscribed:

 “This Box Contains 4’33” of Silence.”

(from the Under the Influence Exhibition)

om.2009.020 - Benoit Piret (Ben Tripe) - Seattle, Washington USA

Kiss the End - 2007 (from the White on White exhibition)
Benoit Piret (Ben Tripe) - Seattle, Washington USA
white paint and collage on video tape
fluxhibition #3

OM.2009.019 - Litsa Spathi - Fluxus Heidelberg, Germany

White Texture - 2007 
(from the White on White exhibition)
Litsa Spathi  - Fluxus Heidelberg,
9x7-1.5 inches - box with acrylic paint, wires
Fluxhibition #3

OM.2009.018 - Cordula Kagemann - Bremen, Germany

OM.2009.018 - Cordula Kagemann - Bremen, Germany
Untitled - 2007 
(from the White on White exhibition)7x7x1 inches paper assemblage
Fluxhibition #3