Saturday, December 1, 2012

OM.2009.046 - Katie Gutierrez

‘The Divide’ 
collage and encaustic on paper - 9x12 inches
Katie Gutierrez 
 Under the Influence Exhibition

OM.20098.045 - Anthony Cricchio

Ode to Rauschenberg Mixed media on canvas board - 20x16 inches
Anthony Cricchio 

Under the Influence Exhibition

OM.2009.044 - Susan Gertz

It Ain’t Over 
collage of paper and acrylic paint on linen 
Susan Gertz
Under the Influence Exhibition

OM.2009.043 - Dilar Pereira

Cage Box – Homage to John Cage 
Small black card box with a mirror and a black card inscribed: 
 “This Box Contains 4’33” of Silence.” 
Dilar Pereira
Under the Influence Exhibitio

OM.2009.042 - Berni Stephanus

New Years' Eve with the Unwilling Help of Renoir' 
collage – 9x12 inches 
Berni Stephanus

Under the Influence Exhibition

Om.2009.041 - Keith A. Buchholz

Homage to Johannes Baargeld  - Keith A. Buchholz  w/ Mete Sarabi  2009  Inkjet from collage.

 Under the Influence Exhibition

OM.2009.040 - Ellen Filreis

Pop Art is for Everyone’ Homage to Andy Warhol 
mixed media on canvas – 10x14 inches
Ellen Filreis

Under the Influence Exhibition

OM.2009.039 - Marianne Lettieri

Marianne Lettieri - 2008 - "Shelf Life -  Homage to Hannalore Baron." assemblage

Under the Influence Exhibition

OM.2009.038 - Maria Spisso Nilson

Box and lid
A cardboard box (above) containing an orange and a blue wooden chair 
and the box lid (below) with an illustration of a chair. 3x4x1 inchesMaria Spisso Nilson
Under the Influence Exhibition

OM.2009.037 - Reid Wood

Homage to Kurt Schwitters 
Collage on board7x5 inches
Reid Wood
Under the Influence Exhibition

OM.2009.036 - Claudia Drake

Claudia Drake Title: The Great Escape
Medium: Collage, digital Size: 10 x 13 

 Under the Influence Exhibition

OM.2009.035 - Catherine Molland

After Gustave Klimt's
Portrait of Eugenia Primavesi
acrylic on canvas - 12x9 inches
Catherine Molland

Under the Influence Exhibition

OM.2009.034 - Gary Bibb

OM.2009.034 - Gary A. Bibb - 2008 - '11-25-08' - mixed media collage

Under the Influence Exhibition

OM.2009.033 - Robert Tucker

Robert Tucker - 2008 - Porch -
mixed media assemblage on board

Donated by the artist
Under the Influence Exhibition

OM.2009.032 - Lis Gundlach-Sell


Mixed media construction – 12x9 inches

Lis Gundlach-Sell

Source: Under the Influence Exhibition at the Longview Museum in Longview, Texas 2009